The E-House Technology Academy is a Project-Based Digital Literacy and Workforce Development Training Program designed to empower and equip older youth and young adults (particularly young women, minorities and those from disadvantaged backgrounds) with marketable technical and business technology skills. We provide real world learning experiences for young people by leveraging our innovative marketing strategy that attracts and serve clients who need a technology project done affordably and are inclined to simultaneously support a great community cause.

As a Social Enterprise The E-House, Inc.  is contracted by faith organizations, nonprofits and small businesses to help them procure, deploy and manage a host of Information Systems and Digital Media Technology Services with the understanding that projects will be performed using an integrated team of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, college interns,  business partners and Academy students that work collaboratively as part of the Technology Academy team assigned real world projects awarded from a supportive list of clients.

This Summer we are pleased to announce the first series of our technology training courses for teens, 15-19 years of age.    If you are not working this summer, but would like to learn some new skills that will put you in a better position to be employed in the near future,  it may be worth your time to register and hang out with us….We hope to meet you at our Open House!